Colour of Magic Update

We have now seen a rough cut of part one and a slightly cleaner cut of part two of Colour of Magic. We can hereby announce to the world that it looks AMAZING!! There’s still a lot of work to do and everyone at Mob is working 24/7 to have it ready for broadcast at Easter.

The most recent cast list we have available is;

Sir David Jason as Rincewind
Sean Astin as Twoflower
Tim Curry as Trymon
David Bradley as Cohen the Barbarian
Jeremy Irons as Lord Vetinari
Laura Haddock as Bethan
Christopher Lee as Voice of Death
James Cosmo as Galder Weatherwax
Richard Da Costa as Luggage
Nicolas Tennant as Head Librarian
Michael Mears as Jiglad Wert
Roger Aston Griffiths as Lumuel Panter
Will Keen as Ganmack Treehallett
Peter Copley as Spold
Andy Robb as Third Rank Wizard
Ian Burfield as Ymor
Arthur White as Rerpf
David Schofield as Zlorf
Steven Marcus as Broadman
Liz May Brice as Herrena
Pia Mechler as Weems
Karen David as Liessa
Geoffrey Hutchings as Picture Imp
Andy Linden as Blind Hugh
Nigel Planer as Arch Astronomer
Adam Ewan as Master Launch Controller
Philip Philmar as Astrozoologist 1
Terry Pratchett as Astrozoologist 2
Thomas Morrison as Dim Student
Joe Sims as Big Star Man/Star Refugee
Sandra, Jo, Josh & Louis as Ankh-Morpork Citizens
Rob (performing his first stunt) as the Speared Customer
Sarah Alford
Elizabeth Alway
Jason Anthony
Chris Boote
Nyree Bowles
Stephen Briggs
Anna Caggiano
Alex Carlton
Kev Clarke
Candida Colucci
Jamie Crowther
Julie Cunningham
Michael Cutchey
Pierluigi Della Gatta
Rebecca Don
Rachel Egan
Alison Griggs
Chris Griggs
Alex Groves
Andrew Gyford
Peter Haddock
Andy Hancock
Pat Harkin
Patrick Harkin
John Hicks
Sarah Hyland
Kindra Jones
Bill Jowett
Matthew Kirk
John Lawn
Kirsty Lawrence
Karen Lawrenson
Malcolm Lawrenson
Sarah Lewis
Jonathan Malory
Marcia Malory
Jason Mayfield-Lewis
Mary-Ellen Murphy
Nicola Murphy
Mark Pritchard
James Reid
Allan Ross
Kris Russell
Mandy Sleigh
Sylvia Soares
Jan Stuurstraat
Carla van Groeninge
Jon Viner
Vic Wadmore
Chris Ward
Dave Ward
Andy Welch
Peter Westhead
Chris Whitty
Pam Wood