Fifty Years of Terry Pratchett

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Sir Terry Pratchett OBE was a prodigous writer, and the author of over fifty bestselling books.


‘I guess you could say that the history of the Discworld is my own history as a writer.’


Good Omens with Neil Gaiman

‘We looked upon Good Omens as a summer job. The first draft for nine weeks was sheer, unadulterated fun.’


The Bromeliad

‘Funnily enough, it's respectable to write fantasy for children, but not for adults.’


The Long Earth

‘I believe that there are so many possibilities of Earth-like planets in the universe that it's unthinkable that there isn't some kind of life form on them.’


Johnny Maxwell

‘The thing is, if you wish to set a story on Mars, the scientific facts might be something you don't know, but they're very easy to find out. How to be a human being and how to react with other human beings - these are things you know.’



‘ was absolutely the case with Nation; I put out my hand, and what I wanted hopped into it.’



‘I wanted to take Dodger and move him through the world so he could tell us something about it, without knowing he was doing it.’


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‘Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.’