Joining David Jason, already confirmed to play the key role of ‘Albert’, are; Joss Ackland (White Mischief, Midsommer Murders) as ‘Mustrum Ridcully’, Marc Warren (Hustle, State of Play, Band of Brothers) in the role of ‘Teatime’, David Warner (Planet of The Apes, The Omen) as Lord Downey and Nigel Planer (The Young Ones) as ‘Mr. Sideney’, while Ian Richardson (House of Cards, The Final Cut) and Neil Pearson (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Drop The Dead Donkey) will voice the characters of ‘Death’ and ‘The Raven’ respectively. Michelle Dockery (Fingersmith) will take one of the principle roles as ‘Susan’.Adding to the calibre of a first rate British cast will be; Peter Guinness (Sleepy Hollow, Coronation Street) as ‘Medium Dave’, Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) as ‘Banjo’, Sinead Matthews (Pride And Prejudice) as ‘Violet The Tooth Fairy’, Rhodri Meilir (My Family) as ‘Bilious’ and Arthur White (A Touch of Frost, The Darling Buds of May) as ‘Ernie The Cart Driver’.Production is now underway at Three Mills Studios in London with completion projected for late June, to be followed by over 1,000 hours of scheduled CGI work with The Moving Picture Company. Further exciting news for Discworld fans is the confirmed guest appearance of Terry Pratchett himself in a cameo role.Richard Woolfe, Director of Programmes Sky One Two and Three, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to have secured such an incredible depth of British talent to star in this ground-breaking adaptation. We truly couldn’t have asked for more in terms of experience, talent and excitement from a cast that between them carry both the heritage and future of British drama and comedy “

Sir David Jason            
Joss Ackland
Marc Waren               
David Warner              
Ian Richardson              
Michelle Dockery   
Nigel Planer                
Tony Robinson
Rhodri Meilir           
Peter Guinness    
Neil Pearson              
Sinead Matthews
Stephen Marcus
Craig Conway
Roger Frost                
Ed Coleman
John Boswall           
Marnix Van Den Broeke
Richard Katz           
Tim Plester
Arthur White           
Nicolas Tennant
Dominic Borrelli           
John Franklyn-Robbins
Don Wetherhead           
Gregor Henderson-Begg
Deborah Winckles
Robert Portal           
Maggie McCarthy            
Rachel Edward
‘Mustrum Ridcully’
‘Lord Downey’
‘Voice of Death’
‘Mr. Sideney’
Vernon Crumley
‘Medium Dave’
‘The Raven’
‘Ponder Stibbons’
‘Chair or Indefinite Studies’
‘Constable Visit’
‘The Tooth Guard’
‘Ernie The Cart Driver’
‘Corporal Nobbs’
‘Grotto Hogfather’
‘The Dean’
‘The Bogeyman’
‘Pixie Helper’
‘Mrs. Gaiter’
‘Mr. Gaiter’
‘Ma Lillywhite’
‘Bobble Hat Child’s Mother