The Studio Theatre Club has lost one more of its original City Watch.  Graham Cook died the week after appearing as Recent Runes in the STC’s Unseen University.  It was unexpected, and a huge shock to all who knew him.  Graham was a real character, irritating at times (like all of us!), but always chatting away about something and with a wide range of interests – including table-top drumming, local radio, football (as Wincanton regulars will know) and of course his career as a film extra – watch out for him in the next series of ‘Lewis’.  He was also the first, and in many ways the definitive Nobby Nobbs – heartbroken not to have been Nobby in ‘Hogfather’!

Graham hadn’t a malicious bone in his body… for the STC, he’ll leave a huge hole that will take some time to heal over… he really will be sadly missed – by old stagers who’ve known him for 22 years, and by newbies who only knew him in Unseen Academicals.

Stephen Briggs