Dear Wonderful Fans,

Well, some…  A few…  Well, at least three of you…

First a little seasonal note.  We are sending out no Hogswatch cards this year, but the money instead – £10,000 – has gone to the RICE Centre, thus helping the cause of Alzheimer’s research and treatment and the cause of keeping your mantelpiece totally uncluttered and thus not being a fire hazard (according to Health and Safety Executive directive 1.618GB part II).

On a totally different note, I went off to see Nation last week.  Based on the copious number of reports from people who attended the various previews, I can report that the company have really got to grips with it now.  There are fiddly bits I have discussed with them, and the sad fact is that I don’t think Nation could be done “to the book” without having a stage production of Wagnerian proportions.  The theatre was two-thirds full on a rainy Wednesday and the applause long and magnificent.  I think I’ll go again, more than once, and think you should, too.

See you at Kings Place on Monday evening.