I made my first journey to the jungles of Borneo back in 1994 to film the Jungle Quest documentary.  We travelled by some god-awful airline and stayed in some grotty accomodation, but we shot a decent film in less than a week.  Today Rob and myself embark on another journey to Indonesia and will be travelling in what we hope to be slightly more luxury and will be staying until… well, we’re going to stay until the job is done.  And what is that job?  Hmm… for that you will have to wait to the Autumn to find out, for no less significant reason than the BBC have thought it best to not tell us the whole story until we get there.  Though for a little catch up on what’s going on in what remains of the jungle, you might wish to CLICK HERE.

And each and every day during our travel preparations (including far too many inoculations and hallucinogenic anti-malaria pills) we have promised ourselves that we would take time out to write a decent update on what we’ve been up to.  Trouble is, we’ve been far too busy to take any time out and so the update would entirely consist of great tales of;

1. Editing Long Earth.
2. Editing Dodger.
3. Shopping for dashing jungle wear.
4. Eating.
5. Sleeping.

So we’ll just have to keep you up to date via Twitter (at the bottom of this page if you’re not registered) and will email photos to Transworld for the Facebook page and also to Jason Anthony for Discworld Monthly.  That is if we find decent WiFi and, well, electricity.

Finally, we’ve left a decent stock of signed books with Sandra right HERE but you’ll obviously have to wait a few weeks if items do go out of stock while we’re away. 

Bon voyage to us.  We’ll report back as and when we can.

All the best.