Terry’s October Update 2008

At last some progress is being made on Unseen Academicals since we got through the making of the BBC2 documentary and all the alternative calls on my time that seemed to have filled the past year. Today, for example, I have nothing to do but write and Rob and I were just mentioning how odd it is to have a day which does not involve some kind of travel, meeting, or interview.  In fact Rob is about to interview me right now:Rob – Would you like a cup of tea, Terry?

Me – That is a very good question, but I think I would like a coffee, please, and do we have any of that nice shortbread left?

On the health side, there’s very little change.  Various tests over previous months appear to show me as being very stable; if you take a view that my ground state of being is stable in any case.  The many experts that I have met during the making of the documentary seem rather puzzled, although there is actually no doubt that the scans show that I do have some form of dementia.  However, I am still pretty much at the stage where if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t realise that there is anything wrong.BBC Radio 4 has asked me to appear on “With Great Pleasure” on Christmas day and currently the floor of the office is covered in books as I try to pick my fifteen or so favourite literary pieces.  The show will pre-recorded in Bath on November 14th or 15th and free tickets will be available on a first come first served basis.  We will post more
information right here as soon as we have it.

All the best.