Mustrum Ridcully

Ridicully the Brown. ARCHCHANCELLOR of Unseen University. He maintains his position for two reasons; one is that he never, ever changes his mind about anything, the other is that it takes him several minutes to understand any new idea put to him, which is an invaluable trait in any leader. He also doesn’t read any paperwork put on his desk, reasoning that he’ll find out anything really important when the shouting starts.

Ridicully is a stickler for his staff being dressed in proper wizarding robes, though he himself avoids wearing them on all but the most formal occasions, although he does of course retain the wizarding hat, which is quite the work of art, and he made it himself.

He is now about seventy, enjoys a beer with his breakfast of kidneys and black pudding, and depending on your point of view, he is either the best or the worst Archchancellor that UU has had for a hundred years.