The Luggage

In appearance: a largish metal-bound chest, which is capable of extruding a large number of little legs, ending in horny-nailed calloused feet, to help it move around. It is made of SAPIENT PEARWOOD, a magical timber that can cause its constructs to portray characteristics known as ‘life’. Although it has a keyhole, it cannot be opened when it is in a locked mood. As often as not, though, it displays teeth like bleached beechwood and a tongue as big as a palm leaf and red as mahogany.

Pearwood constructs can be set to do small tasks, such as carry water or guard property and since Pearwood is a magical substance it is impervious to magic and has the capacity for storing magic up to ten times more than other leading timbers, and is a much sought after material for manufacturing wizards’ staffs.

The Luggage is currently owned, or at least chooses to follow, the wizard RINCEWIND, with its progress across the Disc is marked by debris.

The Colour of Magic

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