Moving Pictures

Published 1st November 1990

Cameras roll – which means the imps inside have to paint really fast – on the fantastic Discworld when the alchemists discover the magic of the silver screen. But what is the dark secret of Holy Wood hill? As the alien clichés of Tinsel Town pour into the world, it’s up to the Disc’s first film stars to find out….  

Thrill, as Victor Tugelbend (“Can’t sing. Can’t dance. Can handle a sword a little”) and Theda Withel (“I come from a little town you’ve probably never even heard of”) battle the forces of evil and cinema advertising….

Scream, as Gaspode the Wonder Dog nearly saves the day….

Eat popcorn as you watch the filming of Blown Away, the oddest Civil War picture ever made, ‘A Passionate Saga set Against the Background of a World Gone Mad! With a Thousand Elephants!’