A Year of Discworld: Celebrating 40 years of The Colour of Magic.

Four decades ago, on November 24th 1983, Sir Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic published.

In the beginning there was… a turtle. Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell very much like our own, but which looks completely different. Particularly as it’s carried though space on the back of a giant turtle. It plays by different rules. But then, some things are the same everywhere.

The Disc’s very existence is about to be threatened by a strange new blight: the world’s first tourist, upon whose survival rests the peace and prosperity of the land. Unfortunately, the person charged with maintaining that survival in the face of robbers, mercenaries and, well, Death, is a spectacularly inept wizard…

And so begins one of the world’s most beloved book series.

One day doesn’t seem quite enough to celebrate, does it? So, today marks the start of our Year of Discworld. More on that soon…

You can dive into more about the series here. Here’s to many more years of Discworld magic.