The week in Pratchett: October 28th

The last full week in October has been a fantastically busy one for Terry Pratchett fans, with new releases, and exciting updates almost every day of the week!

Here we sum up the excitement of the past seven days…

The Dunmanifestin edition of The Ultimate Discworld Companion

Thursday saw the publication of the beautiful deluxe version of the Discworld Companion from official Pratchett publishers Dunmanifestin. This is the biggest Discworld book ever published and features hundreds of pages of in-depth detail about the Discworld and its inhabitants, countless full-colour illustrations from Discworld artist Paul Kidby, and painstaking additional research from Discworld archivist Stephen Briggs. You can find out where you can order yours from via the Dunmanifestin website.

The official film poster for The Amazing Maurice

Sky Cinema today released the official film poster for The Amazing Maurice, based on the 2001 novel. The film stars Emilia Clarke, Hugh Laurie and Himish Patel and releases in cinemas and on Sky’s dedicated film channels on December the 16th this Christmas. You can watch the official trailer below:

Transworld Publishers release new Death covers

Transworld Publishers have released the newest set of Discworld novel covers, continuing the run of refreshed designs created by book designer Leo Nicholls. Each design is full of detail and easter eggs, all featuring charcter designs established by official Discworld artist Paul Kidby. If you’re a fan of the classic covers, fear not – these new covers will run in parallel with the original jackets by Josh Kirby and Paul Kidby.

Brand-new Death audiobooks released in the UK

Today also sees the official launch of brand new audiobook versions of the Death novels, read by Sian Clifford, aided by the Peter Serafinowicz as Death and Bill Nighy as the voice of the footnotes. These are available both via Audible and Google Play in the UK.

Julie Walters receives a children’s BAFTA nomination

National treasure Julie Walters has been nominated for a Children & Young People’s BAFTA for her role as Granny in Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby. We wish her every luck.