Good Omens PledgeManager FAQ

Here, you will find the key information for the Good Omens Kickstarter, and PledgeManager.

For an update on the new publication date of the graphic novel – Spring 2025 – you can read our Kickstarter update.

For any questions as a Kickstarter backer, view the FAQ here, and for information more broadly on the use of PledgeManager, see below.



What if I don’t see the invite email yet?
Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your “Promotions” tab. If you still can’t find it, search your inbox for “PledgeManager”

If that doesn’t work: Visit the PledgeManager, then “Request New Invite”. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with), wait at least ten minutes, then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies. If that doesn’t work, visit the project page and submit a support request.

There’s something wrong with my pledge!
That’s not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request on PledgeManager or send us a message directly to and the PledgeManager and Good Omens teams will look into this for you. We ask that you send us your Kickstarter backer number and the email used for your pledge in these queries. If you are able to send screenshots of your confirmation email from Kickstarter, that is also appreciated.

If that doesn’t work: Visit the PledgeManager, then “Request New Invite”. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with), wait at least ten minutes, then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies. If that doesn’t work, visit the project page and submit a support request.

I backed the Kickstarter, but when I go to PledgeManager it’s asking me to pay for everything again. What should I do?
Firstly, double check that the email you are using on PledgeManager is the same that you used to back the Kickstarter. If they are different, the system will not recognise this as the order that transferred over from Kickstarter. If you are sure the email is correct and are still facing this issue, or cannot remember the email you used on the campaign, please email, alongside your backer number and any further information you have on what you backed, and we will look into this further.

If I have a friend who missed the project, can they still be part of this?
Yes. Just send them the link to the PledgeManager project, and they can take part too.

Can I get everything that was available on the Good Omens graphic novel Kickstarter campaign?
Mostly, yes. All tiers that were available at the end of the campaign are now accessible via PledgeManager. This includes limited tiers – such as the Obsidian Tier – that had a small quantity remaining. These will be listed until they are sold. Stretch goals that unlocked additions to products are all available; though there are some backer exclusives (e.g. discount codes for future merch stores) that are Kickstarter-specific. Everything else remains available on PledgeManager.

Will you be adding extra items to the PledgeManager?
No. What is there at launch is all we plan to include at this point – any new items afterwards will instead originate via the Good Omens HQ store.

Is there a set deadline to complete the PledgeManager by?
At present, we plan to run the PledgeManager across the duration of 2024, and into early 2025, so there is a significant window to action this. When we have a final cut-off for the PledgeManager, we will update that here and also publicise it widely and with a notable lead time. Note that if you do miss the PledgeManager, items such as the graphic novel and the add-ons will subsequently release on the Good Omens HQ store ( after publication.



What if I need to change my address?
As long as your items have not been shipped, you can always change your address. Just simply log back in to PledgeManager and make the appropriate change. We will be keeping this option open for as long as possible, given the new publication date of Spring 2025. However, if you change your country during this time, additional shipping costs may apply. PledgeManager have provided the below information on how to do this:

Return to your survey (which they can also do by visiting and using the ‘Forgotten Password’ option if needed) and scroll down on the receipt page. There, you will see this button: 

After clicking that, you will be taken to the first page of the survey and will just need to click through to the shipping page. On the shipping page, you can use the ‘Create New Address’ button to enter their updated address. 

It looks like my shipping fee has been charged twice. What should I do?
We have raised this with PledgeManager, and they say it is a known issue that can occur via Stripe, but it is easily fixed. Please do contact with information on your order, and note that your shipping has been charged twice, and their system can verify this and process the refund swiftly and easily.

How are shipping fees calculated? What about taxes and import duty?
Shipping is based on both weight and the country it is being sent to. We have been working over the past months to streamline processes and bring the costs down from their original starting point.

As for taxes:
UK: VAT is included in the costs UK backers pay, there should be no extra tax charges.
US: We believe (but cannot guarantee) that imports under $800USD in value should not attract import duty, those pledges above may be taxed at import.
EU & REST OF THE WORLD: If taxes or duties apply to your pledge, these will need to be paid at time of import into your country. We’ve spent months trying to integrate the costs at this stage, but in having the project open across the globe, it has proven too complex to be able to fully refine and cover all instances and locations, and we’ve been advised that this is the best route forward.

We know a lot of international backers, particularly in the EU – for example – will already be used to this process, and we will keep you all updated on any developments on this front. For all of our backers, we are working hard to make labelling and declaring all of the contents of your pledges as transparent as possible, in order to make taxing and importing as easy and affordable as possible.

My country doesn’t appear to be on the PledgeManager list. What should I do?
If this is the case, please drop us an email to about your pledge and we will look into this.

As for countries we have been made aware of: because of the conflict in Ukraine, we are unable to source shipping costs to our backers there. We are working on alternative delivery methods and will keep you updated. This issue also affects Russian and Belarusian orders and we hope to have a further update soon.

For any others missing, please raise this with the team.

Why am I being charged £999 for shipping?
Firstly, rest assured you are not! If this shows up for your order, please get in touch with us at and we can look into this – the £999 is triggered by something internal at PledgeManager for a number of reasons, none of which are that this is indeed the cost you are expected to pay.

We have been made aware that there is an issue across both bookseller tiers, which is triggering this rate. We have contacted all booksellers involved to emphasise this is not correct, and that we will be in touch when this is fixed.

Are there options to pay without a card?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to take payments outside of the system, our payment processor supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover & Diners Club, as well as other cards. This is the same as payments via Kickstarter – a valid card is required. We don’t expect to lock down orders for some time, so there is time to secure a payment card to pay for your order.


Product and tier-specific queries

What size are the socks? What does the small / medium / large translate to?
We have received the below sizing information. If you need to change your size, you have the ability to self-unlock their orders and make any adjustments you need to. For socks that are part of a tier, there is a button to unlock and modify on the bottom of your receipt where you can alter your choice. If they were an add on, PledgeManager recommend that you should remove the item from your cart and add it again with the correct size selected and complete their order to finalize the change.


Small: foot 20cm, leg 22cm, UK3-5, US3-6, EU35-38

Medium: foot 23cm, leg 25cm, UK5-8, US6-9, EU39-42

Large: foot 26cm, leg 28cm UK8-11, US 9-12, EU42-46

I run a comic book shop. Am I allowed to back the bookshop tier(s)?
Absolutely. The bookshop tier is named as such for the Good Omens theme, not as a restriction. On PledgeManager, you are asked to verify that the order will be shipping to a shop – that is the only criteria needed. If you have any further queries or issues on this, contact

How long will the Obsidian Tier be available to upgrade to?
As this is a limited tier, these will remain available until the final quantities sell out – though we don’t anticipate them selling incredibly quickly, these could be gone within a week or a year depending on the demand.

Can I request my copy of the graphic novel be signed or personalised by Neil or Colleen?
Unfortunately, this is not something we are able to offer at this time. There are some tiers that include signed editions of books from Neil and Colleen, and otherwise we would recommend keeping an eye out for any events where Neil or Colleen will be attending and doing signings.



Can I get a refund on my Kickstarter pledge?

Kickstarter is not a store and, as an organisation, they do not issue refunds. When anyone backs a project, they’re supporting a creator trying to make something new. For more information, please read Kickstarter’s Terms of Use. These terms stipulate that the creator is responsible for completing the project and fulfilling all rewards to the best of our abilities; the fundamental obligation to backers to to finish the work that was promised, honestly address backers queries and concerns, and deliver the subsequent rewards from the campaign – these are all responsibilities that we both take seriously, and are able to fulfill.

Pledges could be increased, decreased or cancelled during the August 2023 campaign, and are now locked in. No refunds will be given due to partially completing the PledgeManager process (e.g. the pledge integrating from Kickstarter, but shipping not being paid).

To raise a query, you can contact


If you have any further queries, please raise a support request via PledgeManager, or get in touch via