Preview The Ultimate Discworld Companion – the Dunmanifestin Edition

Today we’re delighted to preview the very first copy of the Dunmanifestin edition of The Ultimate Discworld Companion, fresh off the production line.

This is the largest Discworld book ever published and features a slew of beautiful details and special touches. Amongst these are high-quality paper stock, a velvet-lined slipcase, dual marker ribbons and a special fifth-colour gold printed throughout the book.

The book itself is exhaustively compiled, featuring additional research from Discworld archivist Stephen Briggs, compiled from the Science of Discworld series.

The Ultimate Discworld Companion also has the largest collection to date of full-colour artwork from official Discworld artist Paul Kidby. This collection includes highlights from over two decades of bringing Discworld to life, as well as a plethora of brand-new illustrations, showing previously un-illustrated characters.

The book is published on the 27th of October, retailing for £150 and is available for pre-order via our independent retailers. Further information is available on the Dunmanifestin website.