Soul Music

Published 14th May 1994

Terry Pratchett has long been hailed as one of the kings of fantasy. In this, the 16th book in his unfailingly popular Discworld series, he gives us a sneaky glimpse into the personal life of one of his most iconic characters: Death himself. 

On the planet of Discworld, phrases like ‘there’s a Death in the family’ take on a whole new meaning. 

Young Susan has always suspected that her Grandfather was different, as though all the time he spent riding a white horse and wielding a scythe weren’t enough of a giveaway. Now that her worst fears have been confirmed, Susan learns that she’s expected to take over the family business when she grows up, even though most people mistake her for the Tooth Fairy. But as attractive as Death can be to many people, Susan is drawn into something else: the exciting, addictive heavy beats of ‘Music with Rocks In,’ Discworld’s latest dance craze.